Fuel Your Body for Functional Fitness Workouts

Eating the right foods before and after a functional fitness workout is essential to get the best results. Bananas, oranges, oatmeal, nut mix, apples, and peanut butter are all great options to fuel your body. Even if you do the best cardiovascular exercise to lose weight, you won't get the desired results if you don't eat properly and don't give your body the energy it needs to function during training. For a more demanding workout (especially one involving functional strength training and high-intensity cardiovascular exercises), you may need to replace the electrolytes lost in your body after an intense session.

Brigid, a functional nutrition dietician, graduate instructor, and functional medicine patient, has studied nutrition for ten years, during school, his internship in dietetics and two advanced accreditation programs in functional medicine. She also trained and worked with leading functional medicine doctors. Now that the Crossfit Open is underway, it's important to boost your functional fitness to optimize performance, skip those requirements, reduce the risk of pain or injury and feel full of energy during and after your clean runs of &. Pre-workout supplements are a great way to increase performance, strength and endurance during training.

Nourishing your body with good habits and nutritious foods is a great way to fuel yourself before and after functional strength training. To keep your muscles working at their best and get those muscles, you must replace these reserves after a workout. Eating foods such as bananas, oranges, oatmeal, nut mix, apples, and peanut butter can help replenish your body's energy stores.