Is 2 hours of exercise a day too much?

Exercise bulimia is a serious medical problem in which people exercise extreme exercise instead of vomiting to purge excess food. Exercise is important for health, but exercising 2 hours a day can be too much. Well, it depends on factors such as age, health and the choice of workouts. But in general, adults should do about five hours a week of moderate exercise or two and a half hours of more intense activity.

Or some combination of the two. However, research shows that going further doesn't increase health benefits. Exercise and physical activity have been linked to protection against heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, some types of cancer, dementia, and more. Symptoms of exercise addiction include withdrawal, which occurs when you feel anxious or exhausted when you skip a workout.

However, none of these studies has been able to rule out the possibility that people who choose to exercise are more genetically and physiologically resilient. If you're a fan of CrossFit, you run marathons or endurance runners, you're a lover of fitness stores, you've recently committed to a new workout routine, or you're someone who thinks that rest days are boring, you're especially susceptible, he says. Therefore, we know that excessive exercise can wreak haVOC on the body, especially on the heart, tendons, ligaments and the immune system. TV shows and movies sometimes send the message that working out for long hours every day is perfectly fine.

A lack of exercise is a risk factor for a number of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, but exercising too much can also cause health problems. Beyond the HSS recommendations, determining the right amount of exercise for you involves taking into account your fitness goals, training age, nutritional habits, stress levels, sleep schedule and training intensity, according to Luciani. People with certain medical conditions should not attempt to exercise for two hours without medical approval or supervision. The benefits of exercise add up over time, so it's more important to maintain it than to exercise more on any given day.

When Sylvester Stallone was training for Rocky, he would train up to five hours a day to get the right muscles and the right combat movements. He has received research support or has been a consultant for several pharmaceutical and device companies and has provided expert legal testimony on exercise-related cardiac events and statin myopathy.