How do i create and sell a workout plan?

The best way to sell your training plans and fitness programs is to create your own online store on a platform that supports digital, physical and subscription products, as well as VOD. If you're looking for an easy way to start an e-commerce business, you'll find Sellfy the perfect option. The first step is to create training plans to sell. TrainingPeaks is an excellent online platform for creating and selling training plans, since TrainingPeaks already has millions of users and some interesting features, such as allowing the athlete to upload and view their training data from many different devices.

All the plans you create and publish can be searched in their training plan store. A more attractive route might be to sell your plans through an existing platform, such as Workout Depot. Workout Depot offers a complete solution for fitness professionals to sell their training plans online. Selling your training plans is as easy as creating an account, unlike the time and cost needed to create a website from scratch.

With the added benefit of no monthly subscriptions or registration fees, using an existing platform such as Workout Depot offers a cost-effective option for physical therapists to sell their training plans online. This allows you to reach a wider audience online quickly and affordably to create an additional revenue stream. By selling your training programs from your site to paying members, you can reach a lot more people than usual. MemberPress has a ton of advanced features so you can accept payments, restrict access to your training programs, allow you to download programs, sell online courses, and much more.

Plus, with tons of fitness instructors selling online training programs, it's a great way to increase revenues and reach more people who want to improve their health. You decide exactly how you want to manage an online program, but it's usually a scheduled series of workouts (such as a basic 7-day challenge) or one that is done at your own pace (such as a 30-day beginner strength training program with three sessions a week). For example, you could have a bronze-level membership at a low price that includes access to basic training programs. Unique training programs and challenges may have more varied prices depending on their duration or duration.

Either way, online fitness programs are a series of progressive, intentional exercises that help clients achieve specific goals, rather than doing a series of random sessions.